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For China Jinping, the letter ‘N’ was banned by China, later removed.

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Recently, the Communist Party of China had put forward a proposal to end the 2-time deadline for President’s tenure. This proposal was criticized by the people of China and expressed strong reaction to the social media. Seeing such behavior of the people, the officials and the people of the party were alerted and launched a propaganda about President Xi Jinping. Under this, the Communist Party banned negative articles and published those articles, in which the versatile praise of Xi jinping was appreciated.

Despite this, the people’s strong reaction was not reduced. None of the time agreed to make jinping a President for an indefinite period. Perhaps this is the reason why China has stopped using the letter ‘N’ while going one step further. According to an American website, China’s Internet sensor The Great Firewall banned the use of letter ‘N’ on social sites. Although this bane was just a day and later it was withdrawn.

Not only this letter, but there are many other words that Chinese sensors consider against country’s law and order. Although the people of China have been accustomed to any kind of ban, but the ban is not being used for the use of any one letter. Even among the linguists of China and the outskirts, this ban has become a topic of discussion on social media.

While some words are still banned, there are still restrictions on the use of certain words on the social media. These include words like ‘change the law’, ‘disagree’, ’emmertility’ and emperor.