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China is disrupting access to Tibet in a planned way: US

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The United States has accused China of imposing various restrictions and obstructing access to Tibet in a planned manner. Because of this, diplomatic and foreign journalists are unable to travel to this remote Himalayan region. On the US remarks, China reacted strongly and warned that US interference in its internal affairs would have an impact on bilateral relations.

The US State Department has prepared a report and explained how the obstacles are coming to reach Tibet. The report submitted to the US Parliament (Congress) was passed with the support of both the parties. It was prepared under ‘Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act’. The report said, “In 2018, the Chinese government has created barriers to travel to Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) and outside TAR Tibetan areas in a planned manner for US diplomats and officials, journalists and tourists.”

The report said that the restrictions have been imposed on visits of American diplomats. The US State Department said last year that China rejected 5 of the 9 requests sent by the US for the Tibet tour. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said in Beijing that the American report violates the basic rules of international relations and interferes in China’s internal affairs.

He said that China opposes this report as it gives a serious message about Tibet’s independence and separatist forces. It is very harmful to our cooperation and exchanges.