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China is ending us on trade: Trump

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Washington, US President Donald Trump said that relations with China have improved, but he also cautioned that relations on the trade could be worrisome because Beijing is ending us on this issue. The Trump Administration has threatened to take action against China. This includes punitive fees, restrictions and train warfare.

Tensions have increased in recent times between the US and China. China’s trade with China has recorded $ 275.8 billion, which is unlike Trump’s goal of reducing trade deficit with China.

Trump said at the Joyce White House conference, “I have to say that we have developed good relations with China, while the truth is that they have been engaged in ending our business for a long time. They are ending America’s business. But we have made good relations with China, possibly more than ever. ‘

Trump said that personal relations with President Xi Jinping are very good. He said, ‘He is such a person that I like and I think he likes me. He likes China and I am in America. But a lot of things are happening. It’s going to be a very interesting time. ‘

Trump said, ‘Our administration needs to fix trade imbalance with China. That is not enough trade imbalance. ‘
He said, “They are getting stronger, they have made a lot of money due to the weak leadership of America.”

Trump said, ‘I think our relationship with China can be good even business relations here. I hope things will work. It is expected that this will be possible due to my relationship with President Xi Jinping. It will just tell the time. ‘