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China developed underwater surveillance network in the Indian Ocean, South China Sea.

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As well as keeping a close watch on the target, China has developed a new monitoring mechanism within the water to help its submarines. Through this, the security of his interests on the Indian Ocean sea maritime route will be ensured. According to the South China Morning Post located in Hong Kong, this mechanism has already begun. Through this, information about water situation, particularly water temperature and salinity, is collected.

The Navy can use these information to ascertain the vessel accurately and to improve the navigation system and its position. Under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a project led by the South China Sea Marine Science Institute is part of an unprecedented military expansion, through which the Beijing is eager to challenge America in the sea.

According to the news, the oceanographic institute had told in November that the new surveillance system giving good results after construction and testing for several years is now under the navy’s hand. It says that despite this system, China needs to do a lot to counter the real power. This system of China is based on the platform’s network, vessel, satellite and underwater gliders and through this data are collected from the South China Sea and the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean.