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China begins preparations to attack India. The second practice of Chinese army in Tibet near the Indian border after a fortnight.

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Chinese soldiers have practiced for the second time in a Tibet near the Indian border for a fortnight. Pilots and Special Forces participated in this exercise. These include piloting of ground helicopter pilots and their skill check at high altitude locations. According to the PLA Daily of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) official China, a fictitious border was created in the high altitude area of ​​Tibet and the practice of ‘attacking enemy territory’ was attacked.

According to Daily, pilots and special forces descended from the helicopter and completed the mission together. After a fortnight, there is another military exercise that Chinese media has highlighted. It is notable that before June 29, the official media had said that Chinese troops had gathered in Tibet and practiced in the Himalayan region adjacent to India.

According to the Global Times, military expert Song Jongping said that in recent military exercises soldiers were prepared for possible military conflict with India. Jongping said, “It is normal for any hypothetical opposition to any military training. In this case, it is certain who is the target, when the practice is being done on the plateau of Tibet.

Jongping said, ‘Behind the enemy line, attacking is an effective operation, which can be the key to winning the war. This kind of practice is valuable for all the security forces. ‘ According to PLA Daily, Chinese pilots have been training with Special Forces from this year so that they can understand each other’s needs and enhance cooperation in the war. At the same time, Song explains that due to training with Special Forces, pilots will be able to increase their ability to serve in wild areas. According to him, military operation is difficult due to high altitude, low atmospheric pressure, light air and low temperature in Tibet.

Earlier Chinese media had news that China was going to set up an unmanned automatic observation station in Tibet near Arunachal Pradesh border. So that it could give weather related information to its fighter jet and Missile Launch.