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China America mouth war: Out of the Cold War Mindset, its strength is not underestimated.

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China has instructed the US that it should come out of the cold war mentality. China said that the US should not underestimate its military strength. China has made this comment after the document released on behalf of Washington on increasing its nuclear capabilities on Friday. “The issue of peace and development is permanent in the world,” said the statement issued by China’s Ministry of Defense on Sunday. A country like America, which has the most nuclear weapons in the world, should work on this principle. ”

Russia has also condemned the exercise of developing small nuclear weapons from the United States. Russia says that this attempt of America is going to provoke controversy. Not only this, Russia has also threatened to increase the tension between the two countries. In the beginning of this month, China and Russia have been called ‘Revisionist Power’ in the new Defense Strategy released by the US military. US officials say that with its low-capacity nuclear weapons, America will be able to deal with the threat of Russia.

Accusing China of mis-estimation of itself, China said that its policy has always been to limit the development of nuclear weapons. The Chinese Ministry of Defense said, “We hope that America will end its Cold War mentality.” Not only did China say that America should come along with it. According to China, better relations between the two countries will lead to stability in the region.