Children chewing paper on hunger in Australia: Foodbank report.

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Canberra, Children in Australia are being affected most because of poverty. Over the last 12 months, more than 20 per cent of Australian children are starving. In the last one year, one in five out of every five Australian children is starving, even children are being forced to chew paper on appetite. According to the report of website Australian, in the last 12 months, one in five Australian children is starving.

Foodbank’s report says that in the past year, one in five children had to starve in many situations. Of this, 18 percent had to go to school without breakfast at least once a week. Likewise, 11 percent had to sleep at least once during the night without food. According to the report, about 9 per cent had to spend the whole day without food for at least one day in a week. About 29 per cent of parents often eat without food, so that their children can get food.

A 1,000 parent survey by Foodbank found that 22 percent of Australian children under the age of 15 live in a family who have never been eaten in the past 12 months. McNamara , Chief Executive Officer of Food Bank Victoria, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), ‘I believe this is very sad for us as a society.’

They said, ‘The weakest in our community- our children, our future is suffering and I do not think it is right, nobody can stop it.’ It has been found in the survey that children are more likely to live without children than adults. But 29 percent of parents said that they should eat at least once a week, so that their children could eat.

McNamara said, “Some children are eating paper. Their parents have told them that there is not enough food and if you feel hungry then you have to chew the paper. ‘ It has been said in the report that due to the cost of living, parents are struggling to feed their children. Colin Peables, Chief Executive Officer of Gillong Food Relief Center said that the demand for services has increased for the past three years. Peables said, “Recently we had a seven-year-old girl in Foodbank on Thursday afternoon, she had not eaten anything for the past five days.”