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Cheerleaders of North Korea have created ‘Sex Slave’ designed for Kim Jong’s party.

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Pyeongyang, North Korea’s cheerleaders smile on social media with sports and players at the Winter Olympics also got great headlines. Cheerleaders of North Korea looked at the rhythm with a wonderful combination and synergy to increase the excitement of the players of their country. With this artistic aspect, young girls adorned with red rope dresses also grabbed the attention of cameras with their cute smile. There is also a painful aspect behind these girls’ smile. According to the report published in the Daily Mail, many of these girls were victimized by dictator Kim Jong’s Communist Party leaders.

This year’s Winter Olympics was held in North Korea. This group of beautiful girls was called ‘Army of Beauty’ for the Olympic Games. This group of 230 girls were also used to give ‘sex service’ to the leaders of North Korea Communist Party. Let us know that every citizen in North Korea is expected to show his loyalty to the dictator Kim’s party.

According to the reports published in the foreign media, “this 230-odd group had to remain in strict surveillance all the time. Girls were not allowed to go anywhere with their own will. They were kept under the supervision of the male guard until the dining room from the playground and then into their room for sleeping. Cheerleaders could not talk to players or citizens of other countries.