ChatGPT: Indian employers have already started looking for candidates with expertise in ChatGPT

Business Technology

The globe has been swept up in ChatGPT. While some view it as a threat, others are excited to join forces with the new AI chatbot that is giving Google sleepless nights. Employers in India have already begun looking for people with knowledge of ChatGPT. This basically means that you need to understand the AI chatbot and be able to get the most pertinent responses out of it. 

Previously, people worried that the new ChatGPT would cost them their jobs, but for the time being, businesses are looking for applicants who can function well with AI. OpenAI’s ChatGPT is praised for its conversational abilities, capacity to follow instructions, and ability to offer accurate information.

Three firms had listed content writing opportunities on LinkedIn as of Saturday, with ChatGPT listed as a necessary qualification. The applicant will work with the founders to design and deploy copywriting at scale utilizing ChatGPT, and they should be able to unleash the company’s copywriting potential, according to one of the employers, a manufacturer of dietary supplements. 

A different organization is looking for a ChatGPT-savvy SEO content writer with four years of experience. Additionally, a business advertised a position for a Python Developer who would be able to create and integrate new apps utilizing GPT-3 APIs.

The success of ChatGPT can be linked to its capacity to comprehend spoken language and produce responses that sound human. It may be used to swiftly produce a variety of content, such as blog entries, articles, and social media updates. Working with ChatGPT is becoming more and more important for job searchers because they need to be able to extract pertinent responses in order to provide high-quality material. Recent LinkedIn job listings indicate that as more companies use this technology, the job market will probably shift.

Concerned by ChatGPT’s rising popularity, Google introduced “Bard,” a ChatGPT competitor, and Microsoft unveiled Bing, a ChatGPT-powered search engine. It is unclear how Google’s technology will compete with OpenAI’s chatbot because it is not yet accessible to the general public. In order to provide better search, more comprehensive answers, a novel chat experience, and the capacity to develop content, Microsoft has teamed with OpenAI for Bing. However, interested users must sign up for a waitlist in order to test out Bing since it is not yet accessible to the general public.