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Charlotte Flair admits her frustration with WWE fans at the moment.

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Charlotte Flair is known for being a WWE Superstar who is seen as the top woman on the roster. She has not only beaten almost everyone on the current roster, but has also won almost everything that there is to win at the moment.

The 12-time Women’s World Champion has been dominating headlines recently, with her fans suggesting she gets too much time on TV, while it’s also been reported that Roman Reign’s absence has made her the lone target of the locker room based on the treatment she receives from WWE.

To this, Charlotte Flair admitted her frustrations with the many complaints about the way she’s being booked.

Charlotte Flair lost the NXT Women’s Championship to Io Shirai at NXT ‘TakeOver: In Your House’ last weekend. Prior to that, she’d been a regular appearance on all of the three WWE’s brands.

Charlotte, also known as the Queen recently opened up about her frustration on the Wrestling Daft podcast recently, saying she feels like she’s in a catch – 22 situation.

“I think I’m doing some of my best work in my career right now,” she said. “I realise that because people see me all the time, I just don’t think…it’s not what they’re used to and the expectation is so high.

It’s so frustrating. Because it’s like ‘what am I not supposed to be hungry? Am I not supposed to, you know, always want to be on top? Am I not supposed to be fighting to get better?’ So, I don’t know, it’s like a catch-22” says Charlotte.

She further adds, “Why is Charlotte Flair on all brands? I think the biggest thing for me? Yes, I’m on all three brands. But if you look at my storylines that I’m a part of? I’m a part of someone else’s storyline, it’s not like anything is a Charlotte Flair ‘push’.”

“Going to SmackDown was not for me, that’s not a push. Charlotte Flair is a ‘name’ and she is coming to SmackDown. Currently, I am just all over the place brand-wise; because I am the hardest worker, and I will say that for the women,” she said.

Charlotte’s ubiquitous tendencies were designed to give the women’s division a stronger presence but she’s now being criticized and for being overexposed and is hence frustrated.