Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking: Google Doodle pays tribute to the legendary scientist on his 80th birthday

Google honored English cosmologist, novelist, and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking with an animated film on its site on Saturday, his 80th birthday. Hawking’s life and achievements are chronicled in this film, which includes a voiceover by the physicist himself, created with his family’s permission. He once remarked, “My objective is simple.” “It is a comprehensive […]

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Space Missions

Space Missions: These three worldwide extraordinary space missions will be seen in 2022

Even after the Covid-19 outbreak, the space exploration business remained quite active in 2021. When space travel became popular worldwide, various governments launched initiatives to America has three unique missions, all of which NASA and SpaceX are involved in. These missions will also include a test flight of the world’s most powerful rocket and space […]

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