Freddy Movie Review: A spine-chilling movie

I suppose that’s why Freddy, the next chill-inducing movie from Kartik Aaryan, succeeds—dark, it’s intense, toxic, and very toxic. The movie masterfully captures the complexity and oddities of Kartik’s character by presenting him in a never-before-seen avatar. Freddy, a suspenseful thriller directed by Shashanka Ghosh, terrifies, scares, and occasionally just freaks you out. Without batting […]

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HIT 2 Movie Review and Rating

Adivi Sesh plays the lead character in HIT 2 from director Shailesh Kolanu’s HITverse, which is now available for general viewing. Let’s watch how it performs. The movie, which is set in Vizag, opens with the introduction of KD, a police officer famed for cleverly resolving criminal cases, played by Adivi Sesh. KD will be […]

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House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon episode 10 Review

When it came to on-screen sex and violence, Game of Thrones took delight in pushing the boundaries. However, towards the end of its run, this had backfired. Up until this point, House of the Dragon has been quite restrained, revelling in quick violence rather than protracted animosity. However, this changes approximately 15 minutes into this […]

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Kantara creates a remarkable history!

Indian moviegoers are currently going through a challenging experience for which they were unprepared. An entire nation’s imagination has been caught by a film, Kantara, produced in a language that only a small portion of the population speaks, depicting the customs of only a few districts within that population, with very few well-known actors and […]

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