Monkeypox infection can have severe consequences for the foetus, newborns, and the mother

While the effects of monkeypox infection during pregnancy are unknown, little evidence suggests that infection may have negative consequences for the foetus or newborn infant, as well as the mother, according to the World Health Organization’s newest study (WHO). According to the World Health Organization, the present danger to the general public is minimal. Health […]

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Artificial Intelligenc

Artificial Intelligence successfully predicts post-surgery problems

Post-surgery issues are a major concern for both physicians and patients throughout the world, but a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform may help alleviate their concerns. By autonomously capturing patients’ medical data and transmitting it to doctors’ mobile devices, the AI has effectively diagnosed postoperative problems. MySurgeryRisk is a real-time clinical data extraction technology that […]

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Ayurveda Suggests Yogas For Your Body Type

According to Ayurveda, one’s mind-body system influences one’s health. It is stated that ideas in the mind cause diverse bodily reactions. Both are inextricably linked, therefore understanding one’s mind-body type is crucial to determining one’s health difficulties. This connection is explained in Ayurveda by three working agents known as doshas. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are […]

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