Tillyardembia: The oldest known pollen-carrying insects lived about 280 million years ago

According to researchers, earwig-like ground dwellers that lived in what is now Russia approximately 280 million years ago are the earliest known remains of pollen-laden insects. This discovery advances by around 120 million years the fossil record of insects moving pollen from one plant to another, a crucial component of modern pollination. According to Alexander […]

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Chat GPT, Artificial intelligence, Automation, Repetitive tasks, Customer service, Data analysis, Informed decision-making, Workplace efficiency, Employment impacts, New opportunities

How Chat GPT Can Assist and Improve Human Work? The Benefits of Chat GPT and Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace.

Certainly, chat GPT (or any other artificial intelligence technology) is not intended to replace human jobs. Instead, it is a tool that can assist and improve the work of humans by automating certain tasks and helping to solve problems more efficiently. For example, consider the impact of search engines like Google. While search engines have […]

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India and Japan

India and Japan are planning major celebrations to commemorate the 70th anniversary of their diplomatic ties

The 70th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties between India and Japan, both China’s rivals, is being commemorated in a significant way this year. On April 28, 1952, India and Japan established diplomatic ties. Throughout the year, various events are scheduled in India and Japan to commemorate the anniversary. Cultural activities, exhibits, and seminars covering many […]

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