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The biggest bug in Google Photos, over 1 lakh users affected. The user’s personal videos are reaching unknown people.

Google’s photos app ‘Google Photos’ has revealed a big flaw that has caused significant damage to the privacy of users. The company has said that due to a bug in the software, personal videos of some users have reached unknown people through email. This happened due to a flaw in Google’s takeout service between November […]

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Coronavirus in India: first case in Kerala, and may occur in 4 individuals. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare released notification, how infection can be avoided.

First Case of Coronavirus Found in India: There is a panic situation in China about Coronavirus. This virus, which started in China, is now spreading to other countries of the world. Coronavirus cases are seen in many countries including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Tibet. The death toll in China has risen to […]

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