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Castro Rule ended in Cuba after 60 years, Diaz Canel new President.

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Havana, The Castro era was over after Raul Castro resigned as president in Cuba on Thursday. Castro has officially handed over his position to Vice-President Miguel Diaz Canel for a long time and with this, the hold of Castro’s family, which has been occupied for over six decades on the country’s power, has ceased.

57-year-old Canel is one of the top leaders of the Communist Party. He became the country’s Vice President for the first time in 2013 and now after the 1959 revolution, he is the first leader of the country who has been president despite being not with Castro family.

Fidel Castro, who plays a key role in the Cold War, and his younger brother Raúl Castro took over the country’s power. Raoul, 86, became the President of the country since 2006. He took over this position due to elder brother Fidel’s illness.

Diaz Canel was the only candidate for the presidential post. Even before the country became the first Vice-President, 57-year-old Diaz had a long political experience. However, after leaving Castro, the Communists will continue to be influential people in Cuba’s politics. He will remain the party’s president till the National Conference of the Communist Party in 2021.