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CarryMinati’s Yalgaar hits a million views. Honestly, this guy has come a long way.

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Ajay Nagar popularly known as Carry Minati, is one of the top YouTubers in India. Carry Minati has 22 million subscribers! I mean isn’t that awesome?

At the mere age of 21, CarryMinati has over 22 million fans, not only from India but from all over the world. This Faridabad based YouTuber is known for his comedic skits and reactions to various online topics on his channel CarryMinati.

CarryMinati’s tryst with YouTube started at the age of 10 and by the time he was 16, the young Youtuber had decided to pursue video content creation as a career. He attended school till the year 2016 but later dropped out to pursue his YouTube career. He decided to skip his class – xii board examination after feeling us confident about the economics examination, and later completed it through distance learning.

Over the years, CarryMinati has successfully tried his hand at video game live streaming, diss tracks, parodies and comedy sketches. Nagar takes pride in admitting that he has truly come a long way and with each passing year during his journey as a YouTuber, he has evolved, both in terms of the content he produces and as a human being.

Carry’s content has grown with him. Supported by a team of individuals that are his confidants and friends, he has started producing more refined and amazingly hilarious videos. Going forward, Ajey plans to better his content. The young Youtuber has been a part of many controversies recently.

There was a new trend going on ‘YouTube vs Tiktok’ and when Carry posted his video, it was taken down by YouTube after millions of views. Nagar was really upset about it. This also led to a huge uproar with the netizens. He even posted a video on Instagram saying that YouTube removed his most viewed video. But as we all know, Carry Minati is not someone who is going to let anyone defeat him.

He came back and this time he came back even stronger than before. With the support of his fans, CarryMinati released an explosive rap song titled Yalgaar, earlier this week. Yalgaar still is one of the most trending videos on YouTube.

Yalgaar is CarryMinati’s reply to his trollers and haters along with all those who tried to obstruct him from his path. This was more of a diss track targeting YouTube. CarryMinati also brings to light his hardwork and determination to make it big and how he is ready to give it back to all his distractors.

Within no time of Yalgaar’s release, CarryMinati’s fans were sent into a frenzy, everyone was going Gaga over the new rap song, people showered the rap song with loads of love. One of the Twitter users also termed Yalgaar as, ‘angaar’ which is the literal meaning of fire. Apparently, Yalgaar means defeating the enemy in his own territory.

The hit song is crooned by Carry Minati aka Ajey Nagar. He has also penned the bold and hard-hitting lyrics which comes down as the main highlight of the track. The rap song is composed and produced by Wily Frenzy.

Carry Minati starts the track with his iconic dialogue. You guessed it right. It’s ‘toh Kaise hai aap log’ (so how are y’all doing). The lyrics of the song show CarryMinati pouring his heart and anguish out on the tumultuous times he has been facing lately. He expresses his rage, frustration, anger in his 3:15 minutes video. It will literally send shivers down your spine. The song has all the elements to become a revolutionary anthem amongst the youth. Go and check it out now, link given below.