CarryMinati roasted ‘Bigg Boss 14’ winner Rubina Dilaik, Jasmine Bhasin and Ejaz Khan, the fans made these comments

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Popular YouTuber CarryMinati, who recently crossed 30 million or 30 million subscribers, has roasted Bigg Boss 14 and its contestants in a new video. CarryMinati has made fun comments on Rubina Dilaik, Jasmine Bhasin, Ejaz Khan, Jan Kumar Shanu, Rakhi Sawant and runner-up Rahul Vaidya, who were mainly the winners of the show. Several clips of this video of Carrie are going viral on social media and CarryMinati is trending on YouTube. Fans of these contestants are also reacting to the video.

The video, titled The Land of Bigg Boss, was uploaded on 23 May i.e. Sunday. The video has received 9 million views so far. In the video, CarryMinati makes a funny comment on the screaming of winner Rubina Dilaik. At the same time, Jasmine has commented on Bhasin’s crying and his equation with Ali Goni. Carry has joked about Ijaz Khan’s habit of making strategy before any task. At the same time, Salman Khan’s flare up on the allegations of creating content in Bigg Boss 14 has also been highlighted.

Various reactions of fans of these contestants are also coming out regarding the video. A Rubina fan wrote that she won not just because of the screaming. But because she had a strong openness and never hesitated to speak. At the same time, many memers have also found work after the arrival of this episode and are celebrating it through funny meems.

CarryMinati is rumored to be participating in Bigg Boss 14

Let us tell you, before the start of Bigg Boss 14, it was rumored that Ajay Nagar has been approached for the show. After which Ajay himself came out on social media and denied it. Nagar had tweeted not to believe what you read.