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Canada will make the Coronavirus Vaccine in association with Chinese company.

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The National Research Council of Canada has decided to work with a Chinese company on the Coronavirus vaccine. The Chinese company CanSino Biologics is ready to trial its vaccine on humans. The company’s vaccine Ad5-nCoV is one of five vaccines that are ready to be tested on humans. The Research Council of Canada will help deliver better technology.

Lakshmi Krishnan, director-general of NRC’s Human Health Therapeutics Research Center, has said that Canada will further contribute to the work being done in China and take it forward. Krishnan said that with the help of Canadian technology, the most advanced vaccine in the world will be made available to the people of the country.

This vaccine will be tested first on healthy volunteers and, if successful, will be prepared for front-line workers in the second phase of the trial. Let us know that in China 82,926 people have been hit by Corona and 4,633 people have died. At the same time, 71,157 people have been found corona positive in Canada and 5,169 people have died.