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In Canada Sikhs were told to remove their turbans.

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Ottawa, A Sikh man in a Canadian club was asked to remove the turban. Here a woman threatened to tear the turban to the Sikh and according to media report of the breed remarks, Jaswinder Singh Dhaliwal is playing a pool with his friends in the Royal Canadian Legion Management has approached the group and from them his pat (Sikh men Worn scarves) because it is their policy to remove head cap in respect of ex-soldiers.

Legion is the organization of ex-servicemen of Canada, which includes people who have worked in the army. Nonetheless, religious clothing has been exempted from the policy of the legion of banning a head cap. This incident took place in Tignic Town in Prince Edward Island, Canada on Wednesday. In the video of the incident, a woman has been shown threatening to tear the turban.

During this time a guardian was asking to remove the cloth. His argument was that it was ‘law’. It has been said in the report that Legion President Stephen Gallat later said that his plan is to apologize to those people because religious clothing is exempt from policy.