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Canada: Doctors against to increasing Salary, Money used to improve health services.

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In India, you may have seen people performing to increase the salary, but it is happening in Canada only. There a group of 500 doctors has turned against increasing their salaries. According to the Washington Post news, those 500 doctors have filed an online petition, which is being opposed to increased salaries. Doctors say that they were already getting enough salary. These doctors work in the Canadian province of Cubic. The petition filed online says, “We oppose our salaries raised by the Medical Council of the Cubic, our Medical Federation.” Doctors want this money to be used to improve health services.

What to say

The online petition of the doctors has also been shown to cause against. It has been said that the condition of the staff working with doctors is not correct, the patients are not happy too, in such a situation, they do not feel well enough to increase their salaries. Let Canada’s nurses have trouble with working hours. It has been written in the petition, “If our partners are happy, the patients who come to the treatment will be satisfied, then we will feel good, this happiness can not be obtained by increasing the money.”

The health ministry’s statement has also come to the notice of the doctors. Health Minister Gaton Barrett has said that if doctors feel that they are being given more money in the truth then they can leave that money. Barate said, ‘I promise that the money will be used well.’ The Minister also said that the Ministry has money for essential things, but there are no unaccounted money….