Can Fashion survive in lockdown? So here is something best for you. How to create your Fashion style in lockdown…

# Headlines

While we are locked in our homes blaming the situation on one another, it is our moral duty that we do not forget, the whole world is dealing with this pandemic. Every day thousands of people are dying all around the globe. Sure sitting in front of your laptop can be trying and at some point also frustrating. But like Charles Darwin said “Survival of the fittest”, it is the time we need to figure out what are things that can help in building up our morale. And this is where fashion can be helpful. Everyone feels confident when they are looking good. We all dress up our best for interviews, conferences or any public occasion irrespective of its big or small. And the reason for that is when we are looking at our best our mind makes us believe that we can do anything. 

So these are the fashion things that you can do to make your lockdown not depressing. 

● No Sweats- Sure working from home does not require to put thoughts and effort in finding that perfect OOTD sounds fun. But remember the time when the outfit you put together at night so that you can save time in the morning, and got tons of compliments. How confident you were that day. 
So try putting an effort into your outfit, when next time your boss invites you for the meeting. And even ask your colleagues to join in. 
● Outfit Goal- most of us have an outfit that used to fit perfectly and now fitting inside that is a war in itself.

So make that your target and promise yourself that you are going to fit inside that with ease. 
● Looks that matter:- Instagram and Pinterest is filled with makeup looks that are so much more than just makeup. 
Try to recreate any of those and share your creation with the creator and on your social media. 
● Beginners luck- If you are someone who always wondered how those beauty gurus can do a perfect makeup base and that snatched eyeshadow.

Then this is the time to get all the information you could about makeup. 
● Plan the year- Plan outfits for your entire year.

Sounds crazy but think how much time it will save you when the lives are back on track. 
● Closet optimization- We all are hoarders deep down, and that’s why we let go of people before we let go of clothes. 

So in this lockdown find out the clothes you haven’t worn in the last six month and instead of throwing them out try to create fun looks and try them on. And when you finally get bored then throw them out.

These were the few things you can try to do in this lockdown. And after you try these let us know how did it go.