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Can cyber attack also cause plane and helicopter crashes?

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Cyber attack: After the helicopter crash of the Chief of Defense Staff, many things are being said about the safety of such flights. Although the Mi 17 helicopter has been considered very safe and robust as a tank. However, now aerospace is emerging as a new target of cyber attack worldwide. Various reports have been published in Europe and America regarding this. In America, rehearsals have also been started to avoid such incidents.

On September 19, 2016, as soon as the Boeing 757 aircraft landed at Atlantic Airport, it was discovered that its operating system had been hacked. Someone has broken into its system by sitting from outside. The doors were not able to open, and neither was any system of the plane obeying the pilot’s directions. The pilot and passengers sitting in the cockpit were stunned as to what had happened.

It was a matter of relief that it was a rehearsal done by the US Department of Homeland. He was rehearsing whether the operating system of an airplane could be breached from outside without sitting inside the plane. And the hacker sitting outside did so well. However, it is not easy to know about the code of the operating and security system of the plane.

America has been warning about the cyber attack
In 2019, the US Department of Homeland Security issued an alert for aircraft and helicopters pilots. Warned that hackers can do significant damage by hacking the system of flights. Suggestions were given to improve the security of the system.

China’s hacker’s group has also broken into
America has been continuously rehearsing for the last few years so that such a situation can be dealt with. Earlier this year, it was discovered that a cyber group in China has been able to access the passengers and other information of planes all over the world. For the past few years, they have continuously been doing something like this. A Handbook of Thales and Variants on Cyber ​​Attacks says that there is also aerospace among the five sectors in the world that are targeted by cyber attackers.

Cyber ​​terrorists can become a significant threat to aerospace
On October 20, a British report revealed that cyber terrorists are breaching helicopters and planes’ onboard computer systems. The danger is so substantial that they can crash any airplane or helicopter if they succeed.

What can be done in the operating system of planes and helicopters?
After this report, UK officials admitted that cyber terrorists can break into the systems of passenger planes or helicopters through software viruses, rough computer programs, and emails without coming into the aircraft. The report also says that some such cyber attacks have also been seen in the aviation sector.

Which 5 sectors are the target of cyber attackers?
The major sectors in the world currently targeted by cyber attackers include government and defense, finance, energy, transport, and aerospace. Like other sectors, digital technology has stepped into the aviation sector in the last few years, too. Now all the work of airlines and airports is being done with digital technology, so like a new innovation, ships are now being controlled with the computer-based operating system.

American cyber security experts are constantly saying that hackers can have complete control over helicopters and aircraft by making cyber attacks. The whole system can be tampered with.