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Because of this call girl, the Prime Minister had to lose his chair, something like that happened.


London: The point is 1960’s when a 19-year call girl made an earthquake in England’s politics. Former call girl Christine Keeler dies at the age of 75 due to liver disease. She was a scandal famous in England. That was the affair with cabinet minister John Profumo. When the world came to know about the secret of this affair, the Prime Minister had to lose his chair. His and John Profumo’s scandal became famous throughout the world.

Christine was the famous Cabaret dancer
According to the news of The Sun, at the age of 19, he used to be London’s famous cabre dancer. Many VIPs and nobles came to see him dance. Then she met Mr. John , the Cabinet Secretary of War. At that time John was the rising star of England’s politics. In the meantime, the relationship between the two of them spread to the world, first they tried to suppress the talk, if the talk broke out in the Parliament, they called this relationship as immoral. But the relationship between both of them was going on.

Came in front of the world
John came under pressure after things came out. They first disclosed the relationship to Christine to his wife, then told the cabinet. After which they had to resign. Prime Minister Harold Macmillan had to leave the chair just one month after giving his resignation. This scandal made Christine as a night star. Everywhere his photo was viral in which he was naked, for which he had to spend 6 months in jail.