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California floods, 17 deaths due to soil erosion.

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Los Angeles: Floods and soil eruptions in California have confirmed the killing of 17 people. At the same time, the US administration is busy searching for at least 20 missing people. Sheriff Bill Brown of Santa Barbara County said that the rescue teams are working tirelessly to find missing people. He further said that 28 people were injured due to the disaster in Montecito, located in the northwest of Los Angeles.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Sheriff said, “Although we do not want this to happen, but this number is expected to increase because we are still searching for missing people.”

This incident of soil eruption occurred in the area in December that came under the jungle fire in December 2017 and there was torrential rains in the area, during which the rainfall was less than 2.54 centimeters in less than 15 minutes. This caused the collapse of almost 100 houses completely and 300 others got damaged.

Officials on Tuesday ordered evacuation and asked the residents to go to higher areas. The affected area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in California, where the cost of homes is between 14 to 40 million dollars. The emergency management office of Santa Barbara County announced on Wednesday that clean water and electricity will not be provided for ‘long-term’ drinking in all these houses.