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By saying ‘I am the soul of a young man,’ the old man did the sexual exploitation of the girl for years.

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Jakarta, In a village of Indonesia, an elderly person has sexually exploited a girl for 15 years while claiming to have entered the soul of a young man. This person then took the girl to her laughter when she was only 12 years old. Police said on Tuesday that the woman was rescued on Sunday from the Tolitoli area of ​​central Sulawesi province. On the basis of intelligence, the police found in a forest near Bajgun village, where he was living since his disappearance in 2003.

Sulawesi’s police chief Mohammad Iqbal Alukdushi said that the old man, who has now been 83 years old, showed the girl a photograph of a girl named Amin, whom she considered her boyfriend. Iqbal said, ‘He gave the girl the assurance that the spirit of Amin has entered into it. It is certain that he was fulfilling his lust. ‘

Iqbal further said that the girl was feeling that she was making a connection with Amirin, but she was actually completing the lavish of the elderly. The elderly has had a physical connection to the girl since 2008.

The police came to know about the girl when her sister saw her in the neighborhood. The elder said to the parents when the girl was missing that she went to Jakarta to do the work. The case was registered against the accused under the Child Protection Act. If convicted, he will be sentenced to 15 years.