BTS’, ‘Map Of The One Soul’ , the virtual concert Day:1, get updates here!

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BTS is going to come with a blast with their Map of the Soul ON: E show.

This concert of BTS will be of two days where BTS (Bangtan Boys) will present their latest album that is world-famous, Map of the Soul: 7. BTS ARMY’s fans are waiting for them from all over the world. 

Today denotes the primary day of the occasion. 

BTS Map of the Soul ON: E Day 1’s updates is all here. BTS’s members RM, Jin, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook will start the much-awaited show for their fans. All types of mysteries, rumors, and everything regarding team members of BTS RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook is going to come to an end as the show with all the answers is going to come today. 

Big Hit Entertainment also said before the concert that this concert is going to be much big than almost all the shows that have happened till now and especially multiple times bigger than Bang Con: The Live. BTS is going to rock the show and fans will as always love this show of BTS. 

9:30 PM KST/6:00 PM IST

Finally, the much-awaited show of BTS ended, and in the end, the BTS group ended it by drawing the curtains and performing on their song We are Bulletproof: The Eternal. Balloons were all over the venue where BTS was performing and also BTS Army from all over the world was also featured. To this BTS Army, BTS (Bangtan Boys) also bowed down and presented their love to them. 

9:15 PM KST/5:45 PM IST

At this time BTS almost ends their first day of the concert by speaking some words for the BTS Army. Jungkook of BTS asked the ARMY that was presented there that they received BTS’ gifts well or not and for this J-Hope said they made the setlist as a present for the BTS Army. 

One of the members of the BTS ARMY translated the words that were said by BTS that BTS’ group was only 80% happy that they were able to present on the stage but at the same time BTS’ group was 20% sad too because they were not able to present the concert in person. “If this Map Of The Soul One gave you a joy it would be good. I know the time zones are all different over the world. thank you for watching!” Mochi emotionally concluded. 

Jungkook of the BTS also thanked everyone for watching the show as they were watching them and hearing the BTS group digitally. He also added that he was very happy to host the concert at this time in between the pandemic and also asked fans of BTS to wear masks. 

9:00 PM KST/5:30 PM IST

Namjoonie, Seokjin, Yoongi, Hobi, ChimChim, Taehyung, and Kookie at this time was showing all the watchers of the concert their crazy exhibitions that helped in making the show much better. 

These all did almost everything to make proper arrangements as they made computerized arrangements too in addition to physical sets. The exhibitions that they showed were awe-inspiring. 

BTS at this time when they were showing exhibitions were dressing for the last three exhibitions. BTS had the call at that time only to perform on Butterfly, Run, and Dynamite.

8:30 pm KST/5:00 pm IST

V draws out the Inner Child and he’s isn’t the only one. Taehyung warbles the tune situated on a merry go round while a smaller than normal V was situated with him on the ride. 

The passionate exhibition was trailed by Hobi’s enthusiastic presentation on Outro: Ego. J-Hope rides on very good quality vehicles while he left ARMY cutting at the solace of their homes. Hobi and TaeTae are brought together with the other Bangtan Boys to perform on Boy With Luv.

8:20 pm KST/4:50 pm IST

Jungkook of the BTS started the show and took the stage and performed MY TIME.

JK was at this time was going from one set to another and while he was going a watch was also following him. 

At this time when Jungkook of the BTS was performing with different instruments, Jimin of the BTS was performing on the dance floor while wearing a cap of white color and other artists of BTS were supporting him. 

He is seen remaining on a spinning on a moon with a tremendous rose introduced on it. Workmanship establishments repeating the nearby planetary group are set to upgrade the visuals.

8:05 PM KST/4:35 PM IST

After the two staggering exhibitions, the rappers of the septet – RM, Suga, and J-Hope – came out to perform UGH! Then again, Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook wearing white to sing 00:00.

8:00 pm KST/4:30 pm IST

The septet joined an all-inclusive instrumental utilizing only the violin that takes the effectively lovely melody a step higher. 

Jimin assumed control over the stage with an entrancing performance act. 

Suga conveyed a ghostly Interlude: Shadow execution.

7:40 PM KST/4:10 PM IST

As deciphered by BTS ARMY individuals Soo Choi and Doolset, the individuals admitted they were glad to meet fans, regardless of whether was computerized. 

RM started by acquainting BTS and invited them with the Map of the Soul ON:E. He avoided any responsibility to J-Hope presented himself with his brand name lines, ” I’m your expectation, you’re my expectation, everybody, my name is J-Hope!” before including that it has been quite a while since they met the ARMY.

7:30 pm KST/4 pm IST 

BTS draws out the Intro: Persona with Namjoon overflowing the official vibes as he takes the platform to drop his crazy rap. 

There was a consuming mic hanging over Namjoonie’s head which had us on the edge for a couple of moments. Yet, at that point, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook joined RM to take us back into time with Boy With Luv.

7:10 pm KST/3:40 PM IST

Subsequent to returning to the gathering’s notorious tunes, BTS commenced the occasion with the exhibition of ON. They reproduce a couple of seconds from the MV through liveliness and included the ARMY giving a shout out to before they walk to the sets with a troop and commencement the show with an exhibition of ON. 

Likewise, the drummer crew brings back recollections from BTS’ exhibitions on various network shows. Success likewise brought back the humongous precipice set up from the OG ON record to raise the exhibition. 

They proceeded to astound the ARMY with the exhibition of NO. BTS has us in stun as they bring We Are Bulletproof!

7:00 PM KST/3:30 IST

One of the most foreseen BTS weekends in months, Map of the Soul ON E has started and the ARMY is showering purple love on the individuals. They join the individual’s life to commend their music in the wake of four difficult months.

6:30 PM KST/3:00 PM IST

In front of the foreseen presentation, BTS returned to the nuts and bolts and streamed their melodies No More Dream, NO, I NEED YOU, Run, and that’s just the beginning! Then again, Taehyung and Mochi report D-Day with photographs on Twitter while Hobi builds up the show on Weverse.

6:00 PM KST/2:30 PM IST:

The streaming connection on BTS’ KISWE is live and ARMY individuals pursued the show have started rushing in. Fans have a choice to settle on six screens, as Big Hit recently uncovered.

5:15 PM KST/1:45 PM IST

The Big Hit Entertainment has put ARMY bombs on void seats and it would appear that the scene will turn purple even like the ARMY is truly there.

4:30 PM KST/1 PM IST

The Bangtan Boys have been checking down to Map of the Soul ON: E, much the same as the ARMY, and prodding an extraordinary fan reasonable. 

The delivery uncovered that BTS will per performing on four huge stages. To improve the experience, the Map of the Soul ON: E show has consolidated mechanical highlights, for example, AR, XR, and 4K/HD. The ARMY will likewise be blessed to receive a “multi-see live streaming” that shows six multi-see screens from which fans can choose their preferred one.