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Bryan Adams and Jon Bon Jovi tested positive for COVID-19, canceled their upcoming performance events

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Bryan Adams and Jon Bon Jovi, two legendary musicians, were carriers of a novel coronavirus, and as a result, they had to withdraw from two different performances. As reported by Variety, Bryan Adams had been invited to perform during the induction ceremony for Tina Turner into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Despite being completely vaccinated and showing no signs of illness, Adams could not attend the concert due to a last-minute positive COVID-19 test, according to a spokeswoman for the artist. “It’s Only Love,” an Adams-Turner duet from Adams’ 1984 album, “Reckless,” was scheduled to be part of a medley Adams was to play.

Alongside R&B recording artist H.E.R. filling in for Adams, Keith Urban sang the Turner/Adams song with country singer Keith Urban during the ceremony. The Runaway Tours-organized “Runaway With J.B.J.” performance with Bon Jovi was canceled when the fans learned of the “It’s My Life” singer’s prognosis while waiting in line.

A Halloween costume welcoming party, a Q&A session, and a Jovi acoustic storyteller performance was scheduled for October 29 to 31. According to a Jovi official, the musician has had all of his vaccinations and is doing fine.