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Broken Anger of Pashtuns, against the Pak army, rallies being on time.

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Peshawar, The Pashtun movement has become a headache for Pakistan these days. An Pashtun politician named Pashtin, standing in front of the Pak army, stands as a challenge. In the last few months, Manzoor Pashtun has gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan. Seeing Pashtin, he is in Pakistan’s politics. Manzoor Pashtun, who lives in Pakistan, is with Pashtun and his anger on the Pak army is emerging as rallies.

Why are angry in Pashtun?
Pashtuns living in Pakistan are accused that many Pashtuns have been missing in the last few years during the army’s operation, many Pashtuns have been killed. The Pak army is suppressing Pashtuns living there and violating their human rights. They have alleged that Pakistan is dealing with them as slaves. In such a situation, Pashtun politician Manzoor Pashtun has emerged as a messiah for him.

Pakistan army wants to suppress Pashtuns
In the last decade, thousands of people have been killed due to the campaign against the militants on behalf of the Pakistani army on the border with Afghanistan, whereas thousands of Pashtuns have become homeless. Thousands of Pakistani Pashtuns were forced to flee the country due to the attacks of the Pakistani Army and the Air Force and some went to Afghanistan to save their lives.

PTM helping to loud their voice
In view of this, the Pashtun Settlement Movement (PTM) was born. PTM was formed by Pashtun leader Manzoor Pashitin in 2014. After a Pashtun assassination in January this year, PTM started the protest campaign. Initially, few people joined it, but with the PM the PM stood up firmly and people joined it. Gradually, there were many opposition rallies of Pashtuns in Pakistan under the PM, in which they played belligerent against the Pakistani army.

These rallies of PTM are creating fear for the Pakistani army. Due to this fear, the army of many Pak leaders started holding a hold, but the rallies were organized. On Sunday, a rally was organized in Lahore, in which thousands of people were involved in slogans, ‘terrorists are getting the uniform of uniform.’

Among such slogans, Lahore’s rally was quite historic because no one made such a bogus charge on the army.

Pakistan is not coming to power
Over the years, Pakistan has been accused of cheating terrorism, but he has always denied these allegations. Since then, there have been no reduction in terrorist activities nor did Pakistan stop getting terrorism from its side. In January this year, the US also stopped giving security related help to Pakistan.

The fear of PTM and Pashtun Pashtun is now spreading along with the Pakistani army as well as in other parties there. The media there itself too blackened blackmail for PTM due to the army’s fear, but Pashtun people are stubborn on their demands and their resentment against the army is increasing.