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British Airport: A men wear all pants-shirt to save luggage charge.

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keflavik, In the flight, more weight is charged separately than fixed weight. But to avoid this charge a British man dressed all the extra 10 pairs, so that his luggage could be reduced. In fact, Ryan Carney Williams had to come to London from Iceland. But British Airways refused to give them boarding passes for the flying 10-pair pants-shirts in their body on Keflavik Airport.

After this, Ryan, on the social media page, gave the information about the whole issue as a racial objection. However, British Airways made it clear that there was nothing to do with the breed of this matter. Due to Ryan’s poor behavior, he was not given boarding pass. When Ryan refused to leave the airline window, security had to be called and he was arrested. However, Ryan was released after taking his statement.

Then Ryan tried to go to London with the second flight of EG Jet, but he did not get permission to fly in it. Ryan tweeted that in two days two flights were not allowed to travel without any reason. Finally, he returned to Britain with a flight of Norway airline. However, this is not the first case, when someone has come out to travel by plane wearing a pair of clothes. Before this, Scottish singer James dressed 12 pairs and boarded the Glasgow flight from London in 2015 and then he became unconscious.