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Britain will continue to be a threat to terrorism for two years.

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London, The UK government has warned on Sunday that the country will have to face serious threats of terrorism for at least two years. The UK is preparing to announce new measures to monitor suspected terrorists. UK Home Minister Sajid Javid Islami is going to announce various steps for giving more rights to security agencies to prevent attacks from the right-wing terrorist groups. This announcement is to happen on Monday.

The Home Ministry said that we hope that the threat of Islamic terrorism will remain at its highest level for at least two years in the future. The Ministry expressed the fear that it may also increase. Under the new steps to control terrorism, suspected terrorists will be closely monitored and the accused terrorists will get more punishment.

According to a report published on Saturday in a newspaper, the Home Department has said, “We believe that the current threat of Islamic terrorism will remain and it can increase further in two years and it can be more.” “We are assessing the risk of radical right-wing terrorism to grow.”