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Britain property is not on Mallya’s name, Mallya said in threatening language- can not even touch the house

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London, Even against the liquor businessman Vijay Mallya, who ran a loan of Rs 9,000 crore from the banks, the British court has ordered the house to be seized, but it will hardly make any difference to them. Vijay Mallya said on Sunday that he will abide by the orders of the court’s enforcement officers, but they will not have to do anything. He said that this is because the UK-based luxurious accommodation is not on their name.

India has filed a petition in the British court for the extradition of ex-liquor trader Vijay Mallya. Decision may come in this case till the beginning of September. It is time for oral debate in the case against Mallya till July 31 and an appeal can be filed. Talking during the British Formula One Grand Pix, Mallya said that he will hand over the property in Britain to his name. However, a luxury home is in the name of their children, while their accommodation in London is related to the mother. In such a situation, they can not be touched by the government.

In the British Formula One Grand Pix, Vijay Mallya is the co-owner of the Force India team. Mallya said, “I have told the UK court by affidavit about its UK-based properties. They can be confiscated according to the freezing order. ‘ Mallya said, ‘I have some cars, some are Jewelries. I said that you do not have to come to my house for them. I will hand them over to myself, just tell me time, date and place. ‘