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Brexit: British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson resigns.

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London, In the UK, where the cabinet appears to be tearing on the issue of Brexit, in the meantime Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has resigned on Monday. Johnson’s resignation after Brexit Minister and David Davis and his deputy Steve Baker are being considered a major setback for the Prime Minister’s Trial, which is engaged in an effort to unite its Conservative Party.

Torija has been trying to keep his party united despite maintaining strong economic relations with the EU even after Brexit. The trials have accepted Johnson’s resignation and the new minister’s announcement will soon be replaced. Johnson was under pressure after David’s resignation, who was the leader of the campaign to separate the UK from the Europe League.

At the same time, top EU officials say that due to resignation, trouble has become a problem for Europe. The European Commission’s chairman Jean-Claude Juncker said in a sarcastic accent, ‘This proves that there is unity in the cabinet in the checkers (PM’s Country House).’ Actually, this statement of Junker was in the context of a Cabinet meeting lasted for 12 hours in the Country House of the Tables, whose purpose was to remove internal disagreements over the issue of Brexit.