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In December 2019, a new coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, CHINA, a pandemic of acute respiratory syndrome in human beings. This turned out to be a global pandemic in a few months. The situation got so worse day by day which leads to several lockdowns and massive impact on the human health causing sudden changes in our lifestyles i.e. All of the people being isolated in their homes and coping up with their work through online platforms, changes in the social and economic environment the biggest factor being ‘social distancing’. Being isolated in our homes is not only about passing our time while watching Netflix and chill but can be productive i.e., it can be utilized for making our lives more healthy and worth living than ever before.

To have a healthy and stable uplift BALANCE IS THE SENSE OF HARMONY.

Here are some ways by which you can maintain a healthy lifestyle during the quarantine time:

• Exercise and Mental Health
Basic workout, yoga, and meditation should not only be part of the quarantine life but also of our daily lives. Exercising on a daily basis not only gives benefit physically to us but also helps in giving us mental peace as it helps in releasing the happy hormone i.e., Endorphin, which makes us feel happy and relaxed. Being quarantined can easily result in being depressed because of lots of overthinking in the free time, to avoid such mental illness yoga and meditation works.

• Swapping of Diet
Changes in diet should never be short term change but instead should be a long term lifestyle change. Unhealthy eating habits always lead to health issues and obesity. The risk of chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes can be found in the younger generation nowadays. To avoid such health issues swapping of diet from fried and oily food to nutritious and healthy food is important. Eating nutritive food makes us feel very light.

• Binge is a complete danger
Excess of everything always has negative results. Nowadays the teens and the adults have become avid binge-watchers who have reported poor sleep quality, increased fatigue, and more insomnia symptoms. We should avoid binge-watching instead of it we should concentrate and devote our time to acquiring general knowledge through reading the newspaper also we should work on our vocab skills.

• Feel the Nostalgia Blues
Being isolated at home in this pandemic time can help in reliving our childhood times. As kids we use to read old stories with our parents we even use to spend our lots of time with playing indoor games plus talking to them about everything, but nowadays the family members lack in communication because of the hustle of work but this time of isolation can help us in reminiscing our lovely childhood moments. So in this quarantine experience some good amount of quality time with family.

• Stay connected with friends
Nowadays due to generation gap adults are more comfortable in sharing things with their friends rather than sharing with their parents so in the time of isolation some adults feel lonely and depressed due to overthinking they let in anxiety which can lead to disturbance in the mental peace, to avoid such situation we should connect with our friends also we can play some online games but keeping in mind the time limit.

• Keep a journal or a blog
Learning has always been a good idea to work on, be it learning new things or keeping track of what you already learned in the past. Keep an organized track on what all you learned and acquired during the time of isolation and also before that putting pen to paper will give you time to explore the inner you moreover once a day could be half an hour well spent.