Book review: the subtle art of not giving a F#ck

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As we all are familiar with the name of the book, it was a best-seller novel of 2018-2019 by Mark Manson. He has written down most of his life experiences as examples of our daily life scandals that we all do but also the solutions of how we can be a better person in 21 century. Each chapter of the book has its own unique taste and value, the slang language and casual conversation make the book more interactive, like a friend in a pocket!

The book starts with false expectations of being happy all the time, and how we all ended up being depressed about everlasting happiness. But at the end of the day, we have to accept our emotions that we have more emotions then being happy.

As happiness is not all about being happy with the stuff, but it is more about sorting out life issues with patience and understanding of self and reality. Things like a struggle and hard situations are chosen by us and we can avoid it by choosing something which we are comfortable in. But then how will grow if we don’t come out of our comfort zone, for that you have to read the book to understand the full concept (it is just a review, not a summary).

Since the book starts from false hope, mark also believe that we all are not special as we think, life is as normal as others but the false hope of being special blind us from the real pain and suffering of the real-life, and we need to acquire in order to grow. The book revolves around the concept of value that we miss in happy blinds and self-awareness to expand our comfort zone to achieve goals in our life.

The surprising element that I found in the book is where he says that he is wrong, so does everyone is. I believe that every concept that humanity has developed, given also by a human only and not every time someone can be right! Sometimes concepts get outdated and need renewal in order to explore our lives. It is a part of decision making and concepts like saying no, accepting failure, and accepting death is also a part of being wrong or right.

Speaking of death, the mark has elaborately explained the feeling that one has before death, the physical and mental concept of feelings and hormones. Tomes of people have millions of opinion about death and the ending of the book that it is ethical or not, comment down your opinion (as opinion does matter to us). In my opinion, it is a great ending, life ends on death so does the book and it should be an open concept to talk about, like being gay, gender equality, fake feminism, etc.

To conclude the review, the book comes under self-help and I think it can help you more than any person who just gives you taboo and false hope to be happy, it is great to work and the concept is straightforward and transparent like a best friends opinion.

Stay tuned for the review of the second part of the book, “everything is fu#ked”.