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Bobby Brown Jr. Found Dead at his Californian Residence!

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Pandemic introduces people to a different side of all. And it comes with the deaths of so many people that no one ever expects. Many huge names are already on the list of deaths in this pandemic. And slowly more names are coming up on this list. One more name recently came upon this list. This name is of Bobby Brown’s son Bobby Brown Jr.

Bobby Brown is an American musician. And recently, his son Bobby Brown Jr was found in his residence in California. He was found dead. He was just 28 years of age. And till now there is no report or evidence behind his sudden death. This news came forward by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Los Angeles Police Department came to know about this through a medical emergency. And when they came to the home this emergency was of Bobby Brown Jr. What is the cause of the death? Everyone is asking this, but there is no answer till now.

He made his debut as a singer in September this year. He released his debut single album “Say Something.” Like his father his wish was to be a famous singer.

After this news came up, his brother came up and posted on Instagram. Landon said, “I love you forever King.”

About Bobby Brown Jr.

He. was most popular for being the child of Bobby Brown, an American artist, lyricist, rapper, artist, and entertainer. And he was the stepson of the late Whitney Houston. His mom is Kim Ward, with whom the senior Brown had a years-in length hit or miss relationship. Bobby Jr’s. previous stepmother, Houston, passed on in 2012 at age 48. The vocalist and entertainer suffocated in a bath with a few medications, including cocaine, found in her framework.