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Blue Origin: Know about the new space station of Jeff Bezos’s company

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Space competition is now going to be seen in the private sector in America as well. Space tourism has started in America’s private sector. Now another form of competition is about to be caught. Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, which is facing fierce competition from Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, is now on its way to building a space station of its own. This space station, named Orbital Reef, in low Earth orbit, is to provide a microgravity environment. The company says that this outpost will serve as a business model for the future.

The private sector is also in space competition
Whenever China did any new activity related to the space sector, it was seen as a Sino-US rivalry and a new space competition. But America’s private sector seems to be making a significant presence in this. That is, there will no longer be a monopoly of international politics in this.

Mixed-use commercial park
Blue Origin says Orbital Reef will be a mixed-use commercial park. It will be used for research, industry, international and commercial customers. And Blue Origin will use it for space transportation, logistics, housing, equipment maintenance, and operations.

What will be the contribution of Blue Origin
The company said that Orbital Reef will provide all the necessary infrastructure to increase economic activity in space and open new markets. Reusable space transportation, innovative design, modern automation, and operating systems will all reduce costs and complications for traditional space operators.

Global cooperation
The company says that the space station will be built with global cooperation from various companies. BlueOrigin Utility Systems will provide the larger diameter core module, the new Glenn Launch System. In addition, Sierra Space will design the Large Integrated Flexible Environment (LIFE) module, node module, and runway landing dream chaser space plane to carry crew and cargo.

From Boeing to the University of Arizona
In addition, Boeing will design the science module for the station and ensure the work, maintenance, and delivery of the Starliner crew spacecraft to the space station. Radwire Space will provide microgravity research, development and manufacturing, payload operations, and more. Genesis Engineering Solutions will design and build the one-man spacecraft. At the same time, Arizona State University will lead the university’s global group for research and service.

Will the American Presence Sustain?
America is already facing a tough challenge from China in the field of space. China is building its own International Space Station when the International Space Station with the participation of America can be closed at any time in a few years. In such a situation, concerns were raised in America about whether the American presence in space would end. In such a situation, Blue Origin can fill the gap created when the ISS is closed.

On the one hand, Russia is also preparing to send its own space station to space. Today the world’s space powers are also looking for partners in the form of their other countries. America has added many countries like Australia, New Zealand, Japan. So Russia and China have also tied up for a research station on the Moon. Many European companies are coming forward with many innovations in space. Blue Origin can add a dimension to this environment.