Blast in Syria,Blast in Jihadist base,23 people died,Syria

The blast at the base of jehadis in Syria, 23 killed, several injured: surveillance group.

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Beirut: At least 23 people, including seven civilians, were killed in an explosion at the base of Asian jihadists in Idlib city of northwest Syria. Among the fighters on behalf of the extremist group in Syria, there are thousands of Asians, including ethnic minorities of Central Asia and China’s Shinjang province. Rami Abdel Rehman, head of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, told that a big explosion occurred at the base of the Ajnad al-Cocas faction in Idlib.

They said that the group’s fatal casualties were in this explosion. They did not tell the reason for the explosion but in the news on social media, the car bomb was described as the reason for the explosion. Abdel Rahman said that many people were injured in the number of fighters.

He said that the explosion has completely destroyed the base and damaged nearby buildings.