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Bipasha Basu on being labeled as ‘dusky girl’, gives it back to trolls on Instagram

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Famous Bollywood actor Bipasha Basu took to Instagram on the 26th of June 2020, Friday as she spoke about the adjective ‘dusky’ that has been used to describe her since childhood. She also congratulated Hindustan Unilever for the brand Fair and Lovely for their new approach of being more inclusive and dropping ‘Fair’ from the product.

Bipasha detailed her journey from being a model to being a successful film actor but said that the colour of her skin was always a topic of discussion. The Jism actor began her Instagram note by saying that even as a child, her distant relatives discussed her ‘dusky’ complexion. As she won the supermodel contest, newspapers described her as the ‘dusky girl from Kolkata’. She wrote, “I wondered again, why dusky is my first adjective? (sic)” Upon her travels to New York and Paris for modelling assignments, Basu said her “skin colour was exotic there” and she “got more work and attention because of it.”

The actress further revealed how she was always pointed out for being ‘different’ amid the set mindset of beauty and how an actress should look. She continued, “In most of my articles for all the work I did, my duskiness seemed to be the main discussion.. it attributed to my sex appeal apparently. And sexy in Bollywood started getting accepted widely. I never really understood this… To me, sexy is the personality not just the colour of your skin… why my skin colour only sets me apart from the conventional actresses at that time. But that’s the way it was. I didn’t really see much of difference but I guess people did. There was a strong mindset of Beauty and how an actress should look and behave. I was DIFFERENT as it was pointed out. Didn’t really stop me from being and doing all that I loved.”

While her fellow celebrities and hubby, Karan Singh Grover showered Bipasha Basu Singh Grover with love in the comments section, an Insta user accused her of getting skin lightening and whitening treatment to have a fairer skin tone. An irked Bipasha gave a befitting reply to the troll and asked her to rise above hate. The user wrote, “You did Whiting therapy though BCS opinion matters for you!! you are beautiful.” Lashing the user, Bipasha replied, “Really??? Thank you for telling me that. I have super sensitive skin and allergies. Have done 2 facials in my entire life because of it. But according to you, I have done some lightening therapy???!!!! It’s amazing how an absolute stranger knows what I have done. Please rise above all this.”

Hats off to Bipasha Basu for standing up and giving it back to the trolls on Instagram. She has been an inspiration for many people to love their complexion.