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Bill Gates has decided to liberate the world from malaria.

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London, Bill Gates has decided to liberate the world from malaria. This time, he has taken the help of science to get people out of this problem. On Friday, it was revealed that Bill Gates has decided to donate more than Rs 27 crores to a lab. This lab is working on a technique that will allow malaria mosquitoes to die after having sex. This fund will be provided by Bill and Milinda Gates.

Under the big plan this foundation has decided to completely eliminate malaria. More than a million people die from malaria every year around the world. If it is considered to be more dangerous than any animal in the world then it will not be wrong. Most of these cases are from sub-Saharan Africa and more are children of this victim. Every year about 600 million people are victims of this disease.

Genetically modified male mosquitoes will be left with a limited gene. They will have sex with female mosquitoes, malaria spreads through female mosquito bites. Genetically modified mosquitoes will have limited genes inserted into them during sex. The mosquito born after this will die after a limited time. This means that mosquitoes that spread mosquitoes will die in a limited time.

The UK’s Oxytic company will prepare genetically modified mosquitoes. They will be called ‘Friendly Mosquito’. These mosquitoes will be able to develop by 2020. Chief executive of the Oxytic Gray FriendSen has thanked the Gates Foundation for donating to his company so that they can start their fight against malaria.