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Bill Gates: Face your fears, know the success mantra of Bill Gates

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Today is the 65th birthday of Bill Gates, the world’s second-richest man and founder of Microsoft. Many consider him their ideal. People can learn very much from his success and good works.

His father wanted to make him a lawyer. His father was a rich lawyer. He used to think that his son would brighten his name. He sent Bill to school with high hopes, but the problem was that the son’s mind does not seem to be in studies. Teachers used to constantly scold him. One day this boy made such a thing that the whole world looked up at him. The child grew up to become the world’s richest businessman.

Many people want to achieve success like Bill Gates. Bill Gates also frequently talks or shares his success tips with people in books.

Bill Gate’s Success Mantra

Let us tell you about some such success tips, which can help you become successful.

The first mantra on the success of Bill Gates is to start as soon as possible. He started working with computers at a young age of 13.

Learn to speak “No” – many opportunities will come before you in life.

Learn when to say no to which projects, social invitations and other things and take time out for the things that are important to you. “This advice was given to him by Warren Buffet.

Celebrating success is a good thing, but even more important is to pay attention to the lessons from the failures.

In one of his interviews, he suggested to the youth that always keep the people around you who challenge you, teach you and inspire you to be your best form.

Welcome criticism for improving yourself.

Face your fears and always keep good people around you, who give you positives. Don’t talk negative. “

Gates recalled the early days of Microsoft and said that he coded most of his code and others. But he knew that if the company had to move forward, then the coding skills of other people have to be trusted and others also have to work.