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Bill Gates Birthday: Friends have always played an essential role in Gates’s life

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Bill Gates is a well-known name in the world. He is the co-founder of Microsoft, one of the leading companies in computing and information technology, and once used to top the list of the world’s wealthiest people. He is not actively associated with Microsoft, but his image is known as a prominent businessman, software developer, investor writer, and human welfare person. Last year, his statements came into the discussion at the peak of the havoc of the Corona epidemic, so this year he was in a debate about his divorce from his wife.

In school days
William Henry Gates III was born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. Gates’s father’s name is also the son of William H Gates. Sr. Gates’ school time did not go well in childhood. He did not take much interest in schooling. He had to face the bullying of other children in school.

Gates’s keen interest in programming-related machines was born from the age of 13. He also wrote his first program at the same period. He wrote his first program on GE Computer. His agenda was in BASIC computing language. In this program, users could play Tic Tac Toe with the computer.

Death of a close friend
During high school, Bill became friends with Paul G. Allen and Kent Evans. Kent was a close friend of Evan Gates. But soon, Ivan died in an accident, which Gates still considers the saddest moment of his life. After this, Paul G Allen came together to complete the unfinished project of Gates and Evan. At Harvard, Bill met Steve Ballmer, who became the head of Microsoft after Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is College dropout

During Howard’s studies, Bill left within two years, intending to open his own company. The family gave support. He also got the help of Paul Allen. Initially, both worked with MITS, and soon Gates and Allen started a company named Micro-Soft. Which soon became a Microsoft company.

Step into the world of operating systems
Gates soon saw that copies of the software made by his company were being used in the market indiscriminately, and Microsoft was not getting its value. This was followed by an alliance of IBM and Microsoft in 1980. Microsoft created the first operating system for IBM’s personal computer. The company got lesser for its price. But this had definitely become the foundation of a big software company.

Microsoft company was progressing day by day. Gates became the company’s chairman, then Alan Vice-Chairman, but there was a rift between the two in the middle, and Allen left Microsoft. Later Allen reunited with Microsoft, and both of them ended with Allen’s death.

Ever since Gates’s Microsoft company developed a user-friendly interface in 1985, the company has made rapid strides in the Windows operating system market. Gates stepped down as chief executive of Microsoft in 2000 but remains president and chief software architect. 2006 he announced to devote more time to social service, and since 2008 was his last working day at Microsoft. For the past few years, Gates has been busy with philanthropic work as well as writing. Last year he was in the news due to the warning statement about the virus long before the arrival of the coronavirus, and this year his divorce from his wife Melinda kept him in the news.