Pakistan Aid,Fight Against Terrorism

US $ 250 million can be averted aid.

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America can soon give a big blow to Pakistan. Indeed, the US Government is considering to stop the assistance of Pakistan’s $ 250 million aid subsidy. It is clear from this that the Trump administration is dissatisfied with Pakistan not taking action against terrorist organizations. According to the news of the New York Times, by not giving aid to Pakistan, Trump would warn him of punishment for failing to cooperate on anti-terrorist operations, in the Trump administration there has been an internal debate about this matter.

It has been said in the news that relations between the United States and Pakistan have been tense since the President had announced that Pakistan “offers shelter to people who spread chaos, violence and terrorism”.

The US, which provided assistance to Pakistan for more than $ 33 billion in the year 2002, had said in August that till the time Pakistan does not take any further action against the terrorist groups, it is stopping up to $ 25 million.

The newspaper said, “This month, senior administrative officials met to decide on what to do about the amount and US officials said that the final decision can be taken in the coming weeks.” President Micheal Pence’s confession came a few days after the statement in which he had said that the Trump administration has kept Pakistan on notice.

According to the news, Pakistan had refused to contact the US-led Canadian-American family. The family was redeemed this year. The New York Times reported, “Now the Trump Administration is seriously considering whether to stop the assistance of 25 million and 5 million dollars in the form of discontent on taking action against terrorist activists operating in Pakistan. Go. “