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Big Boss 14: Do Jasmine loves Ali Goni?

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Big Boss 14: Contestant Rahul Vaidya showed up in the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 14 conversing with Jasmine Bhasin about the relationship with Ali Goni. Rahal was likewise seen doing Shayari about the bonding of Jasmine and Ali Goni. On this, Jasmine says that there was no good thing or terrible in her life previously, however, after Ali Goni, she began making an incredible most.

Rahul Vaidya revealed to Jasmine that Ali doesn’t have any idea about ​​her emotions. However, her sentiments are seen for Ali yet she doesn’t acknowledge this. Indeed, even Rahul says, “tu yahaan na eda banakar peda kha rahee hai.” After this, Jasmine begins snickering quick.

Appreciated Ali’s arrival

Rahul says Shayari before Jasmine, “khuda ne jaismeen se kaha, ai jaismeen tangle kar too dostee alee ke saath, too hansana bhool jaegee. jaismeen ne khuda se kaha, ai khuda too neeche aakar simple alee se to mil oopar aa jaana bhool jaega“. After this Jasmine begins snickering. Jasmine says, “I am enjoying my life with Ali. Not all that much or wrong was occurring in my life previously. Yet, I am getting a charge out of life after his arrival.”

Can’t lose a friend due to love matter

Rahul Vaidya said that on the off chance that you need to end by snickering and furthermore question his sentiments. However, she didn’t utter a word. Jasmine attempts to disclose to them that if Ali and she get into a relationship, their friendship will be influenced as a result of affection. She does not want to lose her friend.