BGMI banned! Looking for BGMI alternatives, then try these

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Battlegrounds Mobile India, often known as BGMI, was yesterday removed from both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store in India following a government order. The game cannot be downloaded at this time since it is unclear if publisher Krafton will be able to work out a solution with the authorities. There are several excellent options, though, if you enjoy this genre and wish to play battle royale games. You don’t have to give up your passion for first-person shooters thanks to Garena Free Fire Max, New State Mobile, Apex Legends, COD Mobile, and Farlight 84. Take a closer look at these top 5 BGMI alternatives to learn more.

Garena Free Fire Max

The Garena Free Fire app was earlier this year outlawed by the authorities, but Free Fire Max was not. This version of the game has better visuals but the same gameplay and mechanics. If your smartphone can run it, you are in for a wonderful time, but it will need a strong CPU to do it. The game offers a single primary battle royale mode with several ranked and unranked maps, minor game types, and a tonne of characters to unlock and play as.

Apex Legends

The following game on the top 5 BGMI substitutes list is Apex Legends Mobile. It is an Android and iOS version of the Respawn Entertainment-created original battle royale game. In contrast to PUBG, Apex Legends has many playable characters, each of which has special skills that may be used by players to their benefit.

Farlight 84

Farlight 84 is the fifth and final game on our list of the best BGMI substitutes. The game is “more than a battle royale,” according to its slogan. And it succeeds in defying that assertion. In addition to having some extremely distinctive components included in the battle royale idea, the game offers amazing visuals with great details. In this entertaining game, players may ride deadly vehicles, engage in an air battle, employ future technology, and more.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Since its release, COD Mobile has consistently increased in popularity. Based on the well-known game series of the same name, Activision publishes the game. The several game types that COD Mobile offers provide gamers diversity, which is an intriguing aspect. Aside from that, the game has stunning visuals and incredibly realistic environments. The game has been praised for its large variety of weaponry and the attention to detail on the levels in addition to its appealing visual style.

New State Mobile

New State Mobile has emerged as a respectable substitute for PUBG Mobile while facing a ban. The game was created by Krafton and takes place in the same world as the first PUBG. Similar to Free Fire Max, the game has a strong emphasis on visuals, and because of the performance requirements, it is designed for more powerful devices. The game brings more to the gameplay with future weaponry, devices, and settings while also providing a more immersive experience thanks to its realistic artwork. If you truly adored BGMI, you ought to test this alternative.