BGMI Ban in India: The game’s in-game battle pass has been removed

Gameplay Technology

The Indian government recently forbade the use of the Battlegrounds Mobile India version of PUBG Mobile. The game has been removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store as a result of the ban. Due to the decline of the in-game battle-pass, players who already had the game installed are now experiencing new issues. If you play BGMI, you should be aware that the Battle Pass is an essential component for anyone who wants to use microtransactions converted into the in-game currency of BGMI to buy in-game skins and other items. However, since the battle pass is down, players are unable to make any purchases in-game.

Purchase failed, item not found” messages are reportedly appearing for those attempting to buy UC (the game’s own currency). Do so again later. The Krafton game’s creator has not yet made an official announcement.

Even for players who have the game installed or sideloaded with an APK file, the server will be disconnected from the game, completely banned, and unplayable, according to Insidesport reports.

You can upgrade the Royale Pass in the event that you have enough UC in your account.

Check out the rewards of the new Royale Pass here

RP 1- Green theme with white theme outfit and PP-Bizon golden theme gun skin

RP 5- Golden coloured headgear skin

RP 10- Ancient Royal-themed backpack skin

RP 15- Street dance Emote( Free) and Golden theme ornament ( Premium)

RP 20- New parachute skin ( Free) and Stun grenade skin ( Premium)

RP 20- NIghtfarer set and Nightmares Glass

RP 30- blue and golden-coloured boat skin

RP 35- Royale Aurum emote and Blazing Rose – S1897 gun skin

RP 40– MK47 Mutant gun skin

RP 45- Ancient themed headgear and mask skin

RP 50- New mythic set