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Who is behind anti-government protests in Iran?

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The anti-government protest began in Iran on Friday in several major cities of the country.

The beginning of the exhibition was in opposition to rising prices, but the common tone of protest against the rule of clerics soon joined.

Some people protesting in the capital Tehran have also been taken into custody.

In response to the anti-government protests in Iran, the US has said that the world is watching the way the protesters are being treated. Many cities in Iran are performing against the government.

The White House has said in a statement that the Iranian nation has wandered through the use of the country’s money to promote corrupt rule and terrorism.

The US Home Office has strongly condemned the arrest of dozens of protesters in Iran. Thousands of people have talked about taking part in anti-government protests in Iran’s Karman Shah, Rasht, Isfahan and Qoom.

On Friday, the protesters reached Tehran, Iran’s capital. The video posted on social media shows that the police force was present in large numbers.

This protest is being said to be bigger than the rallies taken in support of reform in 2009.

White House spokesman Sarah Hakabi tweeted, “The Iranian government needs to protect the rights of people. They have the right to speak their own words and can not be crushed. The world is watching everything. ”

The United States Home Ministry has urged all countries to support the Iranian protesters. The Ministry said that the demand of Iranian citizens is for fundamental rights and to end corruption.

What does Iran say?
First, Iran’s Foreign Minister Ishaq Zahangiri said that there are anti-government people behind this demonstration. Ishaq’s comment came from the government sponsor IRIB.

The Iranian government has warned that such anti-government demonstrations are not allowed and police will take strict action against them.

The allegation is that President Hassan Rohani’s government has failed to control the prices of essential items. Eggs have almost doubled in a single week.

But there are some protesters who are demanding the release of anti-government political prisoners.

Ishak said, “Economic problems are being held responsible for recent incidents in the country, but it appears that there is something else behind it. These are those people who want to harm the government.

Before this, the FAR News Agency had told that the protesters had harmed public property in Karmanshah. The governor general of Tehran said that the police will deal with such a crowd of protesters strictly.

Musharad officials say that the protest has been organized by counter revolutionary elements. The video shows that the police is using water to disperse the crowd.