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Before the visit of PM Modi, China installed equipments in the Indian Ocean.

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Beijing, Before the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Qingdao, once again China has made its move. In the Indian Ocean, China has installed 10 earthquake measuring devices, through which the power of earthquake and explosive could be estimated in the sea. On Thursday, it was surprising to announce this made by China.For your kind information that PM will visit China on June 9 and 10 to participate in the Shanghai Corporation Organizations Summit.

According to a report by China’s The Science and Technologies Daily, more such devices will be installed in the Indian Ocean and their findings will also be studied. However, Chinese officials are also afraid that if the device is used for military use it can also be severely criticized.

The Shanghai Academy of Social Media Research Fellow Do Jeong spoke to the media and said, “The foreign media in the Indian Ocean represents our activity in the wrong perspective. It is wrong to say that China’s activity in the Indian Ocean is military activity. Any sovereign nation has the right to scientific research at its level within the international water borders.

It was said in the statement released by the State Media that through the earthquake-measuring device, the duration of earthquake and earthquake can be traced. The functionality of the device is for a few months to a year, so that it can be used for further research.