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Before the 2 + 2 dialog, the allegations of the trump, India charges 100% tariff.

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Washington, The next two + 2 dialogues are going to be held between India and US next week, but in the meantime President Donald Trump has accused New Delhi of putting 100 percent tariff on import of American products. Trump said, “We have such countries, for example India, who charge us 100% tariff. We want to end this tariff. ”

Trump was recently answering a question related to his decision to impose tariff on foreign products. Trump defended his decision by saying that it is being done to correct trade imbalance with big business partners such as China, European Union and India.

Let us know that the first two weeks between India and the US are going to be 2 + 2 dialogue next week. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will accompany American counterparts Mike Pompeo and James Mattis next week to participate in the talks. Through this dialogue, the two countries are expected to focus on strengthening the strategic and defense relations. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited America in June last year, both sides agreed on this new format of dialogue. This meeting was to be held early this year but it was postponed.

On the question of separation of the United States from the joint statement of the G7 countries, Trump said, ‘What should I do and what was given to me in the G7 summit? Do you remember? I said remove all tariffs and barriers. What is all agreed for? And no one said yes or not. I said, you guys are complaining. No tariffs, no obstacles, no obstacles Show yourself by doing this yourself. And after that he could not go faster than the room that went out of the room. ‘

Trump said, ‘We were banks. We were such banks that everyone wanted to steal and loot and it will not happen anymore. We suffered a loss of $ 500 billion with China last year. The European Union suffered a loss of $ 151 billion, due to which our farmers suffered.