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Before Eid ul-Fitr recollect these things, remember do these 5 work.

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Eid al-Fitr has arrived. Tonight, the moon will know that Eid is about to be celebrated on what day. Every Muslim months wait for this day. Where on one side the rosary is finished, there is a lot of fun in the markets and houses. Every store is decorated in the markets. At the same time, women decorate homes. Apart from preparing the house for Eid, he takes time for himself and takes everything. But this Eid does not get tired as every year, so here are some of the most important work tips that you will be able to finish all your work on time and take time out for yourself.

1. Do dry work first
On the day of Eid, different types of dish are made. Therefore, prepare dry fruits, dried fruits, dates and spices in these dishes before the Eid. Apart from this, keep the kitchenware clean and keep the decorative items ready. This will save you a lot of time.

2. Preparation of clothing
Try to try whatever you and your family should wear on Eid one day in advance. If the clothes are loose or tight, then get it fixed immediately. If you do not have the press, then press it and keep it well in the cupboard. This will end the biggest worry of clothing in the last time.

3. Small children’s luggage
If you are sending mosques to the small children to read Namaz, then prepare their bags in advance. Pack the things that they want in advance. Far away or near the mosque, young children may need anything at any time. That is why keep the bags ready in advance.

4. Keep the sheets ready first
During Eid, change the bed in the house and the cover of the sofa at night. Prepare the sheet for prayer beforehand. Along with this, remember to place 2 or 3 sheets in advance for guests. From this, you will not have to worry about finding them.

5. Make breakfast first
Yes, in the morning of the Eid, you should prepare the dishes that are eaten at breakfast in the night. Or, prepare and keep stuff that you can take in the morning to make them. This will save a lot of time in your morning and you will be well prepared.