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The beer’s pipeline is being laid here, drink by opening tap.

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Germany: Beer enthusiasts should be told that you are sitting here and the faucet that is being taken out of the beer instead of water. On hearing this, the expressions of happiness will come on their face. Although initially they can be reluctant to believe in this, but this voyage to beer amateurs is going to be complete. Beer’s pipeline is being laid in the German capital Berlin. Here people will be able to drink beer when they want to eat and drink beer. Actually, the world’s largest metal music festival is going to be held in the Wakeen province of northern Germany. Organizers estimate that there will be about 75,000 people in the three-day event. It is estimated that people coming here will drink an average of 5.1 liters of beer per person. Keeping this in mind, it has been decided to lay the beer pipeline here. The first benefit will be that beer will remain cold and its quality will not be affected. Secondly, the assemblage of trucks will not take place at the venue. Also, anyone who will be invited to drink beer will be able to open the tap immediately.

It is known that the people of Germany are very fond of drinking beer. Every person here drinks beer more than 100 liters annually. In order to redeem this hobby, a unique pipeline is being laid for $ 1.1 million, which will bring four lakh liters of beer from the city seven km away for a program.

Benefits of drinking high quality beer

Silicone is found in excessive amounts in beer and it is beneficial to strengthen your bones. According to a research, people who drink beer sometimes have more bone strength than others.

Beer is very nutritious, but if it is an unfilter or a light beer, its nutrient intensity increases. Folic acid found in beer is helpful to protect you from heart attack. The fiber present in beer removes fat deposited in the body and gives you enough energy too. Along with this, it also helps in increasing the level of magnesium and potassium in the body.

According to research, drinking beer in balanced quantities is beneficial for your kidneys. This reduces chances of stone in the kidney. At the same time there is excessive amount of water, which is beneficial for kidneys.

Poor health of people drinking excess beer

The excessive consumption of beer has a detrimental effect on the health of people in Czechoslovakia. Local media cited a research, citing this information. Pavel Grassgrar, the lead author of this research report, says that excessive beer consumption in the diet is harmful to any diet and it is more harmful than any other food and drink. Most people are suffering from stomach, rectum and urinary problems. It is the main reason for drinking excessive alcohol or beer.